My name is Karen Stevens.  Ever since I discovered the interweb back in about 1988 – I have been known as “deer” to my online friends.

I am a 50 something mother of three amazing people – stepmom to two wonderful men –beautiful new granddaughter!  I am a Registered Nurse of almost
30 years…I have my Master’s Degree in Nursing Education and I will be starting my PhD studies beginning in August of 2015.

Professional Blogger *to be* – emphasis on writing, nursing, nursing research, adoption issues, and Ketchum, Idaho (home, sweet home)…

A Blog to Remember will be a blog about many of my interests with links to more specific blogs such as NursePub, ficster, Missing Peace and KetchumOnline AND with links to
other blogs of interest.

Hope you enjoy my blog! Would LOVE to hear from you!

You can find me on facebook at:  facebook.com/ablogtoremember

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